Welcome to Enköping’s Kammarkör!

Enköping’s Kammarkör is a Swedish mixed chamber choir with about 50 members. We have a broad repertoire – from folk, pop, and rock music to gospel, Gregorian chant and opera. The choir was founded in 1968 by Stig Eklund and Peter Melin has been its conductor since 1988.

We seek to provide our audience with a fine musical experience filled with joy. A prerequisite for that is for us to have fun together, which we have.

The choir has performed major classical choral works over the years such as ”The Christmas Oratorio” by J.S. Bach, ”Messiah” by George Friedrich Händel, ”Disguised God” by Lars-Erik Larsson and ”Carmina Burana” by Carl Orff.

Famous artists we have cooperated with are for example Erik Saedén, Elisabeth Saedén, Sven Erik Vikström, Busk Margit Jonsson, Ann-Kristin Hedmark, Arne Domnérus, Bengt Hallberg, Georg Riedel, Rune Gustafsson, Jan Allan, Thorstein Bergman, Monica Dominique, Carl-Axel Dominique, Loa Falkman, Malena Ernman, Carola Häggkvist (Sögaard), Peter Lundblad, Roger Pontare, Anna-Lotta Larsson, Göran Fristorp, Sofia Karlsson, Vicki Benckert, Mats Paulson, Henrik Åberg, Margareta Bengtson, Olle Persson, Mikael Rickfors and Pernilla Andersson.

For more information, please contact:
Chairperson Kajsa Ekehult, +46 70 877 98 18, kajsa@ekehult.se
Conductor Peter Melin, +46 70 692 55 94, dirigent@enkopingskammarkor.se